Information in English

This page contains a brief description in English of the playground in Stuxbergsparken and the activities taking place there organized by us – a parent driven association. The association is free for anyone to join for a fee of 150 kr per year and family.

The beautiful park with its playground is a public property owned by the city of Gothenburg, for everyone to visit. By the playground is a small shed full of outdoor toys. These toys are owned by the association and only members have access to the shed and the toys.

Association members may whenever they like visit our parent-organized ”open pre-school” at given days (see our Facebook page for updated opening times). The pre-school is normally closed during the summer holidays.

When open, members are free to use the facilities inside the larger house in the park, which include indoor toys, bathrooms and a kitchen. At the given opening times, snacks (sandwiches, drinks, fruit) are served to a low cost. You can of course also bring your own food with you.

All member benefits:

  • Code used to unlock the shed with outdoor toys (free to use any time).
  • Access to ”open pre-school” as described above.
  • Possibility to use the house for your child’s party.

If you want more information, feel free to contact us by e-mailing and we will answer as soon as we can.

We hope to see you and your kid/kids in the park soon!